mixed gender group Co-Ed became surrounded in plagiarism accusisations

by haenzeop

The netizens who encountered Co-Ed’s follow-up song ‘Bbiri Bbom Bbaeri Bbom’, of which the music video was released on the 19th, spoke up on suspicion about the song being plagiarized from Lady Gaga’s song. The netizens’ opinion is that the way the song repeats one line over and over again is almost like Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’. At that, the way they carry out the song and how they use autotune is similar as well, and there are opinions that say that ‘Bbaeri bbom’ sounds like ‘Telephone’. A part of the netizens also question if the title was copied from Narsha’s ‘Bbiri Bbabba’.

Co-Ed has also received accusations about their debut song ‘Too Late’ being similar to Britney Spears’ ‘If You Seek Amy’.

cr news + pics:10co-ed forum


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