yoosung talk about co-ed dressing room :D

by haenzeop

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With a total of ten members consisting of four girls and six boys, many were curious as to how they handled the dressing room situation. Not only that, but their stage outfits are similar as well, with the girls wearing similar kill heels and the boys wearing identical high tops. Two sets of outfits are prepared for each member per stage.

In Co-Ed’s waiting room, were two large bags with one box and four different stylists. Given the speed of music program recordings, the members must hastily dress and undress as they rehearse and perform on stage.

Sky Earth Yoosung revealed, “We write our names on the inside of our clothes and accessories. Most of them look the same so it’s a mess if we don’t have our names written on them. Especially for our shoes, the only difference between them are our sizes so writing our names has become a necessity.”

He also went on to state, “Not only do we have a lot of members but we’re a mixed group as well, so it’s very uncomfortable when we’re changing clothes. As for the boys, we can just quickly take off our clothes in the waiting room but the girls can’t. They also take a lot longer getting ready.”

Yoosung concluded, “There are a lot of uncomfortable aspects of being a mixed gender group but I believe that we also have that much more charm. We will work hard to show everyone the 10 individual qualities specific to Co-Ed.”


cr:10co-edforum for info


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