Soomi upset over lip syncing controversy?

by haenzeop

5dolls’ Soomi confesses her feelings on a lip-syncing controversy.

5dolls is the sub-unit of the 10-member mixed group, Coed, featuring the members Soomi, Hyewon, Chanmi, Hyoyoung and a new addition, Eunkyo. They recently made a comeback and resumed activities with the track “It’s You”, and gained comments like, “It seems like everybody lip-syncs except Chanmi.” After taking part in Coed activities, attention became focused on how Chanmi had a lot of parts and the other members didn’t sing in the chorus and caused controversy.

Soomi shared, “I feel really upset when people say we’re lip syncing, when we’re doing our best on stage. Also, ‘I Mean You’ is a harder and more powerful song then ‘Bbiribbom Bberibbom’ or ‘Too Late’. Especially that one part in the chorus where we have to sing high while having our heads stretched back is really hard.”

She also shared, “When I try to sing high notes while dancing like that, my expression comes out really ugly. If you were to lip sync, it’d be better to just mouth the words and put on a pretty smile. But in my opinion, singing is more important then appearance. So I am trying my best to sing although my face would come out ugly. We’re working our hardest every night to show everyone a better side of us. We’ve even spent three days without sleep. Some of us even lost our voices. I’d like it if everybody acknowledges that we sing and not lip sync.”

5dolls is planning to carry on with promotions with their songs “I Mean You” and “Lip Stains”.


Taken from&Translated by:Nathaniel @ Core Clique

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