5Dolls “It’s You” receiving hot responses on mobile phone chart

by haenzeop
The 5-member sub-unit, 5dolls are leading the music mobile charts. 

The 5dolls sub-unit of the group Coed who revealed their mini album and title track “It’s You” on the 17th, have risen 15 spots on Coloring (Tonghwa)’s charts ranking #7.

“It’s You” was ranked at #9 on Melon’s mobile phone music service ring-tone charts.

5dolls are the sub-unit of the group Coed School, who despite scandals, had their song not become quite as big. 5dolls began to work as a unit with the title tracks “Lip Stains” and “It’s You” which received only good responses from the public, but failed to show a big response on charts.

Despite that, on mobile phone ring-tone charts they have received good responses and sales. Because of this, they have been receiving and attracting more attention, and the evidence is circumstantial in their rankings on sales charts.

SK Telecom, the largest ring-tone provider with the largest domestic users in Korea, has been promoting 5dolls’ track, which has been encouraging.

An official for 5dolls, “Because of the rank on Coloring and ring-tone charts, the reactions in the overall market is slowly becoming bigger and coming out more,” they said with high anticipations.

Source: Nate
Translate&Taken from:Nathaniel@Coreclique

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