5dolls’ album jacket photos ‘plagiarized’.. explanation of the controversy

by haenzeop


The girl group 5dolls’ came forward to talk about and explain their alleged “concept plagiarism” controversy of their jacket photos having been “patch-worked.”

5dolls revealed their 1st mini-album “Charming Five Girls” and made a debut through Mnet M!Countdown on the 17th with their song “It’s You”.

However, an odd problem surfaced. They were criticized after accusations rose that their album jacket photos were a combined look of After School, Wonder Girls, and Miss A, becoming “patch-work.”

Netizens commented, “Their concept, clothes, and poses are a combination of other girl groups.”

5dolls’ leader Soomi revealed on the situation, “We’re always monitoring ourselves over the Internet, so we heard about the situation. We changed our concept and because of this we changed our title song. We didn’t even know or even think a controversy like this would arise.. But there’s nothing or no other choices we can do now, but to perform and show our best performance on stage. We will show you our our hardest-working images, to show just how much we practiced for this moment,” she said from her heart.

Meanwhile, 5dolls is unit group from the 10-member group Coed, consisting of the members Soomi, Hyewon, Hyoyoung and Chanmi, and a new group-member Eunkyo.

They’re currently promoting and doing activities as a fresh and new girl group with their new song “It’s You”.


Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique



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