5dolls Chanmi “I want to perform in a unit with IU sunbae”

by haenzeop


Name: Heo Chanmi
Blood Type: A
Family Relationship: Dad, mom, unnie, me
Schools: Anyang School of Art
Hobbies/Specialties: Eye shopping, piano, drums, Chinese
Personality: Cheerful and happy! Can get upset very easily but usually outgoing
How you became a member: Through a friend I got to see the audition
Ideal guy: Cute and must have pretty hands!
Role Model: Beyonce
Jinx: You must always eat!
Habit: Humming along to songs
Music I like: Jazz, R&B
Place you go a lot: TOM N TOMS
My Fashion Style: Casual, comfortable
Celebritys close to: BEAST’s Son Dongwoon, SHINee’s Key, f(x)’s Luna and Amber (Artists I want to be close to) 4minute, Dalmatian, G.NA
Food I like: Meat, health foods
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite numbers: 3,5
Favorite Movies: Horror, thriller

Chanmi is the main vocals of the five-member idol girl group 5dolls, who are currently promoting “It’s You” and “Lip Stains”.

“I want to do unit activities with IU sunbae. I also want to get a solo album. But for now, 5dolls and I will work hard this year. This year, I want to get a rookie award and do a lot of advertisements.”

Star Chosun will be giving away 10 handwritten signed albums of <Charming five girls> from random article comments. The deadline is March 16th.

SourceStar Chosun
Translated by: Nathaniel and justastar. @ Core Clique

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