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January 6, 2011

Co-Ed Unit 5dolls teaser photos and debut stage next week!

by haenzeop



Mixed group Co-Ed’s unit group ‘5Dolls’ revealed an image and going to comeback soon.

Core Content Media said, “This is the first revelation of 5Dolls that contain 5 girl members. The 4 original member + 1 new member called Seo Eungyo. You can see their innocent and sexy charms in the photo.”

In the photo, the members are using jeans and white t-shirt. They were using blue-tone jeans and we can feel their innocent and clean image.

It’s a casual clothes, but we can see their slender body because they’re using a skinny jeans. The photo also emphasized their sexy and chic image.

5Dolls is a unit from Co-Ed, including 4 original girl members and 1 new member called Seo Eunkyo. They will revealed their song in this month and will officially start their promotion soon.

cr:10co-ed forum 😀

December 28, 2010

co-ed to debut new female unit group ‘5dolls’

by haenzeop

Co.ed will begin activities as a new 5 female members subgroup beginning in the end of January.

The company revealed that the 10 member hybrid group, Co.ed, who actively promoted ‘Too Late’ and ‘Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom’, will be promoting as a unit with only 5 female members.

Soomi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon and Chanmi make up the 4 current female members. But recently, a new member, Seo Eunkyo makes the 5th female member, and the name ‘5dolls’. Seo Eunkyo is the same age as Hyewon and has great dancing skills.

‘5dolls’ will debut with a track by the Brave Brothers in January.

pics of the new member

source: Nate

taken from:coreclique


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