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March 3, 2011

T-ara’s 3 actor-dols and 5dolls joint performance, “high expectations”

by haenzeop


T-ara’s Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon join rookie idols 5dolls for a joint-stage.

T-ara and 5dolls will their joint stages of 5dolls’ ‘It’s You’ track beginning on March 3rd on Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown,’ followed by KBS2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 4th, MBC ‘Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

Since both artists belong to the same agency, Core Contents Media, it’s common for senior and junior artists to be close to each other.

T-ara said, “We love the song and dance for ‘It’s You’ so we wanted to join them for their activities. When it was suggested to us, we immediately accepted and were excited to share the stage.”

5dolls’ ‘It’s You’ has a country-style guitar with an addictive bass and synth sounds, compiling impressive trends. It has became popular as a pop-dance song.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique – #1 Source to Coed School

March 3, 2011

T-ara and 5dolls to join stage this week

by haenzeop
T-ara and 5dolls will have a joint stage on this week’s music shows! It won’t be all the T-ara members, but only Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon.

T-AMO, T-ara’s official fansite which receives T-ara’s schedule¬†directly from Core Contents’ Media, and T-arafan, another official fansite updated T-ara’s schedule today with:

– Mnet M!Countdown (5dolls, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon)
– KBS2 Music Bank (5dolls, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon)
– MBC Music Core (5dolls, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon)
– SBS Inkigayo – (5dolls, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon)

Source: T-amo + T-arafan
Credit: Nathaniel + peebster04 @ Core Clique